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I am a mom to 3 wonderful kids and have a handsome husband. I LOVE parties and party supplies!  I find complete gratification turning every party into a Sensational experience.  I am such a kid at heart and was raised helping my mom create wonderland events for every occasion. I am exhilarated to be able to do what I love and want to help others create the party of a lifetime. My daughter is my number one model and she is the darling of my heart. She loves helping Mommy with all her parties and posing for pictures. My mom did all our banquets at church when I was a child and I grew up watching her do these big events and the legacy is being passed on to my own daughter. We love bringing joy to others!

May of 2011, I found that my office was closing down, and I had been involved in the Real Estate, Title and Lending profession for ten years. I was currently a Lender. I loved browsing through parties and had thought if I had more time I would love to become a party planner. So when my office shut down I had two choices; one to go work for another mortgage company continuing to do loans and the second to do what I would love to do...PARTIES. I of course choose parties and by October 12th I launched my parties. I am so happy doing what I love the most, and I love hearing how excited you all are as your party develops. 

Contact me at kallie.faust!